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The Zeugma Mailing List is closed to new members.

Zeugma offers poets a place to have their work seriously read and critiqued by others similarly focused. What do we mean by “serious”? For the purposes of a workshop, we think it’s mostly about revision. If you’ve ever sweated over three words and a comma, you know what we mean. We believe in inspiration, but we also believe in plain hard work. Zeugma is a place where people will tell you to cut all your adverbs, delete stanza three, and consider recasting into quatrains.

Our membership is international, and our approach to poetics is wildly opposed. Because we respect each other’s judgments, however necessarily subjective, this workshop embraces a spectrum of poetic styles, including formalists, imagists, free verse enthusiasts, minimalists, confessionalists, spoken word practitioners, and combinations and variations thereof. Our house flavor leans slightly toward extroverted, concrete verse in place of private, confessional verse.

There are two levels of membership on this web site:

Registered Users Anyone is welcome to create an account and participate in the public forums, post poetry for critique, submit news articles, etc. Provided you are interested in poetics and not interested in starting a flame war or smashing the piano, you are more than welcome.

Zeugma Members Zeugma was started in the dark ages of the internet (the mid-nineties) as a closed mailing list. We are carrying on the tradition with a Yahoo! mailing list. We’re not doing this to be snooty; many of us submit poetry for publication on a regular basis and some editors consider poems that have been submitted openly on the internet to have been previously published. Zeugma consists of 30-50 members, and receives approximately 15 applications per month. The mailing list actually consists of two groups:

  • The members-only workshop is free of private correspondence and strictly limited to Submissions and Critiques (a separate discussion area is more free-wheeling). Submissions and Critiques e-mailed or posted to the workshop are distributed to the entire group. Which submissions you choose to read or critique are entirely up to you.
  • The members-only Z-Talk (discussion) Area is a place for sharing autobiographies, “brags” and engaging in topical or theoretical discussion. Its casual atmosphere is adapted to conversation, hypothesizing and banter.

There is no charge to participate in Zeugma at either level, nor do financial contributions affect one’s chances of being accepted.